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 باتش Russian Premier League 09

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عدد المساهمات : 18
تاريخ التسجيل : 08/09/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: باتش Russian Premier League 09   الخميس سبتمبر 17, 2009 10:30 pm

Russian Premier League 09

* 16 teams of Russian Premier League and 2 best teams First Division
* 3500 photorealistic person players
* Real preparations, tactics and placement adjusted for the 09/10 season recaps
* Real emblems and flags
* Close to the actual characteristics of the players
* 175 stadiums (13 Russian stadiums)
* HD-banners
* Real fonts names and numbers
* Individual players' football boots
* Individual goalkeeper gloves
* Balls set of Russian teams
* Original design menu
* 5 Russian team's chants
* A set of forms for all teams actuall for 09/10 season
* A set of forms in HD for the referees and real FIFA names for ML
* Completely new comments transferred from FIFA
* 4 thousands of unique individuals, hairstyles, football boots for players
* Two kinds of a gameplay - original from KONAMI and "real" from ASD91 (hardly tweaked player's skills for more realism)
* Patch is put as separate game
* Classical national teams are replaced with their youngest analogues
* TV channel logos for all leagues
* all transfers on 12.09.09

* chants for ALL teams
* new soundtrack
* English commentaries from FIFA


Download -

Links RPL_09.part01.rar.html RPL_09.part02.rar.html RPL_09.part03.rar.html RPL_09.part04.rar.html RPL_09.part05.rar.html RPL_09.part06.rar.html RPL_09.part07.rar.html RPL_09.part08.rar.html RPL_09.part09.rar.html

bonus (chants for ALL teams+FIFA soundtrack and commentaries): bonus.part01.rar.html bonus.part02.rar.html bonus.part03.rar.html bonus.part04.rar.html bonus.part05.rar.html bonus.part06.rar.html bonus.part07.rar.html bonus.part08.rar.html bonus.part09.rar.html bonus.part10.rar.html bonus.part11.rar.html

جديد _تم اضافه نسخه خفيفه واقل في المساحه بدون الاستادات

RPL 09 Light Vesrion
(without bonus and stadiums, 800mb)

part1. 8YSRBLZA
part2. YLM4QXFH
part3. TIFNJ160
part4. J5IPZIMK
part6. ZCHO7W5X
part7. EQ5EJW8A
part8. E9FZM0QC


Update 3.0

- created 200 new players
- full reworked skills of all players
- correct height/weight/age of all players
- update real preparations, tactics and placement adjusted for the last fixture of teams
- instead french league added 10 new teams of CL/LE
- added 2 new teams of RPL - Sibir' and Anzhi
- full reworked skills and linesup of all National Teams
- added Algeria, North Korea and New Zealand NT
- instead Europe U-23 teams added the corresponding Dream teams of La Liga, EPL, Seria A, Bundesliga, RPL

- new music before match
- new scoreboards with russian channels (teamnames version only)
- added many new and missing faces, also by Konstantin ! ! !, Ramos, See5kY, IceSpb, dimann
- new kits for 09/10 season, new NT kits for WC2010
- new banners by Baba Adamu
- new boots

part 1
part 2
part 3

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باتش Russian Premier League 09
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